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Teacher Programme

Improving Teacher Programme (ITP)



The OLEVI Teaching and Learning Programmes are now well established and highly valued CPD opportunities. The local Teaching Schools in Trafford, which are experienced, licensed providers of OTP and ITP, are collaborating to offer a uniquely diverse and rich experience.

Each Programme will be delivered at several venues, providing a broader and deeper perspective for participants. The same facilitators will deliver each programme to provide a stable learning platform for the group. Five Trafford Teaching Schools will offer and advertise all the programmes outlined below through their accustomed channels.  Applicants can book a place with any school.


Programme overview

ITP is a highly effective six week development programme, designed and delivered by experienced and successful school leaders. Sessions are interactive and provide opportunities for peer support and lesson observation. Programme content includes discussion and tasks linked to:

  • Professional skills audit
  • Plenary sessions
  • Challenging learning
  • Planning lesson
  • Questioning techniques
  • Assessment
  • Starter activities
  • Engaging in learning
  • Differentiation



The end result is a motivated teacher with the tools and expertise to succeed, leading not only to enhanced classroom and pupil performance but also higher standards across the school. It will deliver an invaluable opportunity for teachers to pick up successful techniques and formulate new strategies to bring back to their own classroom from observing teaching best practice.


For further details, please email us at admin@ttsa.co