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Teacher Programme

Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP)



The OLEVI Teaching and Learning Programmes are now well established and highly valued CPD opportunities. The local Teaching Schools in Trafford, which are experienced, licensed providers of OTP and ITP, are collaborating to offer a uniquely diverse and rich experience.

Each Programme will be delivered at several venues, providing a broader and deeper perspective for participants. The same facilitators will deliver each programme to provide a stable learning platform for the group. Five Trafford Teaching Schools will offer and advertise all the programmes outlined below through their accustomed channels.  Applicants can book a place with any school.


Programme overview

OTP comprises nine sessions. Participants focus on a range of aspects of teaching and learning such as challenge, engagement, assessment, differentiation, questioning and planning. There are linked practical tasks back in your own school including applying what you learn and observation in host schools. Programme content includes:

  • What does an outstanding teacher look like?
  • Taboo, definitions, audit, strengths & weaknesses
  • Coaching
  • New learning on differentiation
  • Understanding assessment
  • In-school practice
  • Developing a success criteria
  • Action planning and evaluation
  • What is effective questioning?



Having completed the course participants will…

  • place a greater emphasis on the purpose and value of their lessons
  • raise levels of engagement and achievement in learning
  • use different teaching styles to challenge learners
  • innovate and take risks
  • plan more reflectively
  • demonstrate a higher level understanding of teaching
  • be able to coach colleagues to raise performance


For further details, please email us at admin@ttsa.co