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Wide reaching research and
development opportunities

Our forward thinking research projects focus on improving pupil outcomes by developing skills and experiences of teachers to sustain great teaching.  Research gives us the opportunity and tools to analyse new approaches and consider implications of any changes made. Collaborative working across the alliance enables us to refine our research practices and share outcomes maximising the impact on standards across the alliance.


Our Vision for Research & Development

Research and development is in at the heart of our alliance’s work.  TTSA coordinates research & development between schools, the University of Manchester Coalition of Research Schools, Trafford Council and Trafford Innovation and Intelligence Lab.  This work plays a significant and valuable role in:

  • Utilising research and development opportunities in order to enhance practice within schools and improve pupil outcomes
  • Developing enquiry-based approaches and embed research methodology across schools to ensure sustainable impact
  • Developing enquiry methods leading to research active practitioners.
  • Joint Practice Development (JPD) strategies facilitating sharing of practice to create, share, challenge and validate knowledge.


Our Research & Development Strategic Partners

Trafford Innovation & Intelligence Lab take on a role that looks at identifying opportunities for research - using data and evidence to see what specific areas of focus would be most beneficial, and which schools are best placed to carry it out. Research can take any form - looking at behaviour, teaching methods, progress, etc. A large part of this is communicating the outcomes of the research in a variety of ways, ranging from data visualisations, infographics and reports. The lab will also be using data to track the outcomes of the research, and wherever possible, making any data that gets generated available as open data. Being able to use open data to direct workstreams, and then using it to show improvements in teaching and learning is a very good application of open data - with tangible benefits for children.

The Coalition of Research Schools (CoRS) is from the Centre for Equity in Education within the University of Manchester.  It was set up in 2011, CoRS invites schools to commit to and participate in research activities to inform their development. The inquiries are concerned with finding effective ways of improving the achievement of all pupils, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Researchers from the Centre for Equity work with the schools in identifying and responding to factors that need to be addressed in order to improve outcomes for vulnerable groups of learners. Research teams meet regularly throughout the year to plan, share, interrogate and learn from each other’s inquiry based developments.

Every year, teachers in groups of 10-15 schools, develop and trial better ways of working with some of their most vulnerable students. Sometimes just a few students are the focus of their work, other times larger numbers benefit from these developments. Because teachers monitor what they do, they know that those students are better supported, more successful and more content than they otherwise would have been.


Science and Engineering
Research and Innovation Cluster


In March 2016 a cluster of TTSA schools will launch Fascinate projects with the Science and Engineering Research Innovation department from The University of Manchester. These innovative projects will be underpinned with educational research focusing on the development of Science teaching and learning whilst inspiring and fascinating children.


Research &