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Back in 2015, the idea of TTSA was born from a determination to provide high quality CPD and research opportunities at a cost that Trafford Primaries could afford. Much of the CPD available at the time was high cost and beyond the reach of our community of schools. We were aware of amazing professional learning opportunities that were beyond the reach of our schools because of financial constraints.

In 2015, TTSA was awarded Teaching School designation and since then, over 55 Trafford Primary Schools have come together to support and enable our affordable CPD and research offer to grow. Working closely with Trafford LA and other partners, including The University of Manchester, we have been able to deliver a high quality offer that truly meets the needs of our local schools.

Whilst we are now no longer a Teaching School, the strength of TTSA lies not in a designation but in the strength of our learning community. Our mission ‘achieve more together’ couldn’t be more true! TTSA (now Trafford Together School Alliance) will continue to grow and thrive for as long as our community of schools need.

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