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This year we continue to develop our well established leadership programme with a robust and engaging offer to support leaders at all levels. There is a strong emphasis on partnerships and how we can all achieve more together. 

Leading through a global pandemic has made us all consider the importance of the relationships we form in our school communities. Kerry Cleary has a created a new 4-day course to help headteachers explore the principles of servant leadership and how we can lead our school into the future by supporting and developing the people and communities we serve. 

The ‘Time to Think’ sessions enable dedicated time for school leaders to spend together and really understand each other’s leadership style and vision to help move schools forward effectively.

We have built our offer to ensure that school leaders not only have access to recent leadership learning, but also to ensure that there are opportunities for school leaders at all stages of their career to be able to access support, supervision and coaching and come together to help each other.  

We are also delighted to be working in partnership with Best Practice Network and The Dean Trust in offering the new NPQ Specialist Programmes and NPQ Leadership Programmes.



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