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Since TTSA was established we have always had a vision for research and development to be at the heart of our alliance’s work. Since 2015, 45 Primary Schools 17 Secondary Schools have participated in a range of research and development projects.  

These projects have been carried out in partnership with the University of Manchester Coalition of Research Schools and Trafford Educational Psychology Service. In each project there has been a strong focus on the development of collaborative teacher enquiry as a mechanism to improve schools from within.  

Working together with lead researchers, school staff teams are encouraged to identify gaps in current knowledge and practices within their schools regarding the learning experiences provided, to gather evidence that enables a better understanding of these gaps and their consequences for children’s learning, to adapt and develop approaches to overcome these, and to monitor the impact of new practices on children’s learning.  

This approach to collaborative enquiry provides a structure within which teachers and researchers can come together to share perspectives and stimulate professional learning.  Through these processes of enquiry, sense-making and identifying strategies for improvement, we seek to develop the teachers’ and their schools’ capacity to respond more effectively to the continuing challenges posed by the diversity and complexity of learning needs that we find in our school communities.

Examples of TTSA research and development projects are available in the brochures below: